Want more jobs? Become a Prism Painting Partner Today!

Prism Painting gives you verified projects ready for painting

Saves hours of time

Spend less time on the job sites, having to meet with clients, and typing out estimates.

Complete more jobs

Don't worry about sales or marketing. Our projects have already been confirmed and verified. Ready to paint!

No costs for you

An email will be sent to our pros with all the project details. All you have to do it respond with your availability.

The Process

How it works:

We quote and verify the project on-site
Prism Painting will provide a detailed scope of work including pictures, materials, and labour hours required to complete the project.
Get the details by email
The project details are sent out to one or more of our partners (you!) by email  - All you need to do is give us your start date.
The best partner is selected
Once we've found the perfect fit for the project we give you the address and schedule it with the client.
Do what you do best!
No hassles and no headaches just focus on delivering the best paint job possible and leave the rest to us.
Get paid once the job is done
Once the project has been completed we will conduct a final walkthrough. Prism Painting will pay you by direct deposit.


To work with us you need:

Valid HST number
Proof of liability and WSIB Insurance
2+ Years painting experience

While on site you will:

Confirm and follow the scope of work
Follow the process and maintain a clean workspace
Perform a final walkthrough with our team and address any deficiencies
Represent Prism Painting & Flooring

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